Welcome to the Haus of Reneé Boutique Blog!

Come in and join me on my journey of becoming an entrepreneur. I will share with you boutique updates, outfit of the days (OOTD) and some behind the scene footage. The ups and downs, Ins and outs of my online store Haus of Reneé Boutique!

#OOTD Denim Duster Jacket w/ Cropped Jogger Set

I put this outfit together on a sunny but windy, chilly day a few weeks ago. I was surprisingly warm in the outfit! The Denim Duster is sold out at the moment but will be returning in April!! The 2-piece cropped jogger set is on sale now for $28.00! Happy Shopping!

Covid-19 Response

We would like to put out a disclaimer about Covid-19 and Haus of Reneé Boutique. We will pack and ship orders acoording to our shipping policy. Our packing area is in a sanitary environment. We are taking extra precautionary steps to make sure packages are being handled in the safest way possible, washing our handsContinue reading “Covid-19 Response”

Welcome to my HAUS!

Haus of Reneé Boutique is an extension of my closet. Clothing, I love that I can create different looks with clothes. I have the freedom to be me. Pieces you may see on the site may be a little different than what you may see from the big retailers. I won’t name any names butContinue reading “Welcome to my HAUS!”

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