S/S21 Trends-Broad Shoulders

Oversized jackets and shoulder pads. Let’s talk about the trend for spring/summer 2021, shall we? The 80’s are coming back in style. The broad shoulders and cinched waist. I’m not mad about It either. I’m short and the top of my body is smaller than my bottom half. They call that “pear shaped” in the fashion world. That’s neither here or there.

So, because I’am short, I approve of the broad shoulders and a cinched waist to give an elongated look. I would wear this Broad shoulder, hooded blazer in a heart beat! Those joggers look so comfortable yet fashionable and sleek. I would have no problem wearing sporty- chic ensemble!

If you want to be on top you’ve got to have broad shoulders, because as fast as you get there,the faster they try to knock you down- Barry Bonds

Fashion should be fun too! Not always serious. Serious is boring! This dress by Christian Siriano is bright, pretty and fun! Still with the trendy broad shoulders but not so defined. The ruffles give the sleeves a playful feel to the dress. This dress could still be worn when the trend is over. I love how the red is paired with pink heels. Again, not being serious with a black shoe. I love the colors and the playful defined shoulders. I give this look a A+!

The Denim Jogger Set is now on sale on the site! Happy Shopping!

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