Open Haus! February 19th 2021!

The launch is finally here! I’m excited and nervous at the same time. I have so many questions are going through my mind.

  • Will people like the clothes in the boutique?
  • Are my prices to high or are too low?
  • Do I have enough styles to choose from?
  • Will the website run smoothly?
  • Will I make my sales goal?
  • Will I get a sale!?

Well, I can answer 1 question and that is, if I have enough styles. I’m starting out with 6 styles and some come in 2 or more colors. In the first slide are the Easy Wear Sets. These are very versatile! You can dress them up or down or kick off your shoes (as I did!) lounge around in them. They are buttery soft, light and airy. SO, comfortable! Next, is the Denim Knit Jogger Set. This also can be dressed up or down and comfortable to wear. Third, slide is the Denim Pearl Jacket. I love this jacket so much! I might have to buy it for myself;) I love pearls and rhinestones! and together on quality denim is a match made in heaven for me! This is a feature item on the site. Now, we have a basic two peice all black scrunched legged and solid top set. Very basic but just so classy. Soft buttery feel and easy to wear. Then, I have the Cropped Jogger Set. Again, this set can be dressy or casual but either way this set is soft and comfortable. Finally, the 6th style is the Defined Shoulders Top. I do not love most trendy peices but I just love me some shoulder pads! Another buttery soft top to wear with denim shorts dress shorts skirt or wide legged or skinny jeans! Sorry, GenZ but Im not giving up my skinny jeans………

As far as the other questions, I will have to take It day by day, and work on them as time go along.

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