Why Did I Choose to Open a Boutique?

I chose to open a boutique because I couldn’t get hired. I have two degrees; 1. Associates of Arts and 2. Bachelor of Communications/Marketing. How can I, NOT get hired?

People said your degree is too broad, it needs to focus on a specific role. I applied for manager positions at 4 different beauty counters at the mall. I kept hearing the same old “You have a lot of experience for a job like this”, what they’re really saying is “You’re over qualified”. I’ve applied for, Data Entry positions and even my old job of 5 years prior, at Starbucks did not respond back! I got tired of hearing all of the same things or hearing nothing at all. It didn’t make sense to me.

So, I decided to work for myself. I adore fashion and creating a look. I love creating my look. I have my own style. Some people hate It, most love It. Either way it’s me. That’s how we all should be, creative and carefree. That’s just my opinion. Stay true to yourself and live your life. What others think of you, is not your business. Fashion should be fun and not taken too serious. You do you, boo!

I empowered myself and picked myself up and created a space where I can be me. Casual to semi luxe styles. That’s me and a plethora of others! I like to say I have a “eclectic and classy” style. I like different things. I don’t like what everyone else likes all the time. My “haus” is open to all people and styles to make you, you! I offer items to empower and uplift. However, you may feel in between. Welcome to Haus of Renee Boutique!

Pearls, Please!

“Wardrobe Essentials” Collection

Hey hey!!! As new stylish pieces are being added to the site I would like to let you know that I will have a “Wardrobe Essentials” Collection We all love to have something different in our closet. Be It, edgy, sexy and or casual. We still to have the basics. I put together a collection that every wardrobe should have and you’ll never run out of ideas for something to wear! There’s simple Maxi dresses, bikers sets, bodysuits and easy wear sets! This collection is meant to find something easy, effortless and still chic! 

How I style the Sleeveless Denim Duster

The Sleeveless denim duster is the sister to the Long Denim Duster seen in a previous post. Denim is an all season fabric and you could never go wrong with denim. Adding denim to your style brings versatility and personality. When you need to add some edge to your maxi dress, jogger set or a very simple 2-piece set. A denim jacket will add just what you need to bring your look together. All pieces are available on my website. www.hausofreneeboutique.com *Except the sunglasses and straw hat.

S/S21 Trends-Broad Shoulders

Oversized jackets and shoulder pads. Let’s talk about the trend for spring/summer 2021, shall we? The 80’s are coming back in style. The broad shoulders and cinched waist. I’m not mad about It either. I’m short and the top of my body is smaller than my bottom half. They call that “pear shaped” in the fashion world. That’s neither here or there.

So, because I’am short, I approve of the broad shoulders and a cinched waist to give an elongated look. I would wear this Broad shoulder, hooded blazer in a heart beat! Those joggers look so comfortable yet fashionable and sleek. I would have no problem wearing sporty- chic ensemble!

If you want to be on top you’ve got to have broad shoulders, because as fast as you get there,the faster they try to knock you down- Barry Bonds

Fashion should be fun too! Not always serious. Serious is boring! This dress by Christian Siriano is bright, pretty and fun! Still with the trendy broad shoulders but not so defined. The ruffles give the sleeves a playful feel to the dress. This dress could still be worn when the trend is over. I love how the red is paired with pink heels. Again, not being serious with a black shoe. I love the colors and the playful defined shoulders. I give this look a A+!

The Denim Jogger Set is now on sale on the site! Happy Shopping!

#OOTD Denim Duster Jacket w/ Cropped Jogger Set

I put this outfit together on a sunny but windy, chilly day a few weeks ago. I was surprisingly warm in the outfit!

Denim Duster Jacket w/Cropped Jogger Set

The Denim Duster is sold out at the moment but will be returning in April!! The 2-piece cropped jogger set is on sale now for $28.00! Happy Shopping!

New Arrivals and 2021 Color Trend

According to Pantone The offcial colors of 2021 are yellow and grey! New arrivals are coming into the boutique! Some printed t-shirts came in, in some pretty spring- like colors and a little bit of bling! Lavender Bling is a eye catcher for sure! Mesh sleeves with crystals!

Chic like Coco” are Chanel inspired T-shirts. Comes in 6 colors. I paired this t-shirt with heels and some jeans. You can easily wear with sneakers. The Crop Top and Pants is an relaxing 2 piece set. lightweight and flowy pants are a must have. I feel like gliding and not walking when I wear this outfit. Last, is the Define Shoulders Top and leggings. The slits on the sides of the shirt are my favorite. The leggings fit great, with comfortable heels or sandals will make a nice transition to spring.

All of these pieces arent dropping at once! NO, NO, NO! Take a look at my Instagram to see what’s hitting the site!

Open Haus! February 19th 2021!

The launch is finally here! I’m excited and nervous at the same time. I have so many questions are going through my mind.

  • Will people like the clothes in the boutique?
  • Are my prices to high or are too low?
  • Do I have enough styles to choose from?
  • Will the website run smoothly?
  • Will I make my sales goal?
  • Will I get a sale!?

Well, I can answer 1 question and that is, if I have enough styles. I’m starting out with 6 styles and some come in 2 or more colors. In the first slide are the Easy Wear Sets. These are very versatile! You can dress them up or down or kick off your shoes (as I did!) lounge around in them. They are buttery soft, light and airy. SO, comfortable! Next, is the Denim Knit Jogger Set. This also can be dressed up or down and comfortable to wear. Third, slide is the Denim Pearl Jacket. I love this jacket so much! I might have to buy it for myself;) I love pearls and rhinestones! and together on quality denim is a match made in heaven for me! This is a feature item on the site. Now, we have a basic two peice all black scrunched legged and solid top set. Very basic but just so classy. Soft buttery feel and easy to wear. Then, I have the Cropped Jogger Set. Again, this set can be dressy or casual but either way this set is soft and comfortable. Finally, the 6th style is the Defined Shoulders Top. I do not love most trendy peices but I just love me some shoulder pads! Another buttery soft top to wear with denim shorts dress shorts skirt or wide legged or skinny jeans! Sorry, GenZ but Im not giving up my skinny jeans………

As far as the other questions, I will have to take It day by day, and work on them as time go along.

Covid-19 Response

We would like to put out a disclaimer about Covid-19 and Haus of Reneé Boutique. We will pack and ship orders acoording to our shipping policy. Our packing area is in a sanitary environment. We are taking extra precautionary steps to make sure packages are being handled in the safest way possible, washing our hands for 20 seconds and disinfecting our packing area. Products and packages are handled with care and safety.

Any questions or concerns contact us at info@hausofreneeboutique.com

Use this time safely. Spend time with you family at home. Love on each other and make memories. Social distance and wear your mask.

With love and care,

The Haus of Reneé Boutique Team